From off road racing expeditions to suddenly quitting work on a slow day to start their passion projects, most millennials are known to be risk takers; risks that many of the people in generations would consider uncalculated. As a millennial striking a balance can prove to be tricky and almost unachievable

But what if you could still live the life you love but with a sense of security? What if you could start your own businesses, travel the world, follow your passions, no matter how ‘absurd’ they seem?

Here are a few suggestions that can enable to live your wildest dreams while still keep your life on track towards a stable future.


First, you need to identify where your passion and skills lie. It may be in technology, design or any other field. The next step is to source for material that could augment these skills further; you can get access to a lot of free content in the form of blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. You can even go the extra mile and invest in a cost-friendly course online; all you need is a little amount of money and the foresight to see the bigger return that would result from such an investment.

Improving your skills will not only give you a head start, but will also help you access bigger opportunities that will pay you more than your current earnings. One of the most interesting things about investing in your skills is that it may even end up allowing you to be a digital nomad, so you can still go for your adventures and work from wherever you may be in the world.


Investing in stocks is a good way to grow your finances. This is simply buying shares in companies that have been listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. By buying shares, you get to share in the profits when the company stocks perform well. You do not need a great deal of money to buy shares in Kenya. You can open a trading account and start buying shares with as low as KES 5,000.


There is truth in the saying “unity is strength.” While investing on your own gives you control, investing together offers you even more benefits. Group investments help you to grow faster because pulling your funds increases your purchasing power while at the same time reducing your exposure to risk an individual. For instance, if you are interested in fashion, you can team up with your friends who are interested in the same, allowing you to go for a bigger investment in the field, giving you even bigger returns. This will allow you to venture into any other interests you may have, like travelling or even getting a fashion blog started.


Seeing as you are starting out, a Money Market Fund can be the best way to fund your dream. It is considered one of the safest and most convenient ways to invest especially for a low risk investor. Money Market Funds are professionally run, therefore saving you time and the headache of not having expertise. With as little as KES 500 Shillings, you can open a Money Market Fund with ICEA LION Asset Management and then set aside any amount every month from your earnings to keep topping up your fund. And when the times are dry, a Money Market Fund offers you a chance to access your investment or a portion of it as quickly as within 5 days of requesting.


We have already figured out that you are one to face risks head on, forex trading is for you. When it comes to trading, there is high liquidity, the transaction costs are low and with as little as 1,000 Shillings, you can easily start trading. However, you always have to remember that in forex trading, you may easily lose just as you may gain.

The wealth around us is not built through large sums of money but small steps, fueled every day by our ambition, patience and resourcefulness. If you are disciplined in managing your finances, your investments can fund your dreams even without the need to always be present. Develop a habit of always setting aside a bit of cash every month to put into your investments.

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