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What services does ICEA LION Trust Company offer?

ICEA LION Trust Company is a member of ICEA LION Group whose core business is centered on Trust Services. A Trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a party (Trustee), to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. It is a widely-used and well-established way of protecting and enhancing a family’s assets, or that of an organization. It facilitates the safe and efficient passage of such assets to the chosen beneficiaries, which typically includes current and future generations of the family. It can be compared to a safety deposit box that holds valuable items for the benefit of loved ones or causes.

Which Types of Trusts are there?

Below is a list of our various trust products:

  1. Bereavement Trusts – Mostly for employees who pass on and have left minor/vulnerable beneficiaries and benefits are payable from employee benefits schemes.
  2. Charity Trust – For those who wish to sponsor some beneficiaries as a charity initiative.
  3. Education Trust – Can result from any of the other types of trusts.
  4. Family Welfare Trust – Families that wish to put up a fund to protect any of the family members against urgent major financial needs.
  5. Medical Trusts – Administration of Self-funded employee medical funds, and individual medical trust funds especially for seniors.
  6. Succession Trusts – Mainly as part of Estate planning.
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