Our Personal Accident Insurance provides you with monetary compensation in the unfortunate event you suffer accidental injuries, disability or death. It also covers your medical expenses that arise as a direct result of this specific incident. Group Personal Accident Insurance, commonly referred to as GPA, also provides compensation to a group of people, such as a family, employees, “chamas”, learning institutions, SMEs or any other group of people with a common interest.

This plan acts as a supplement to your group’s life and medical insurance. The premium paid by the Group is dependent on the cover the Group wishes to take out. Further, the amounts compensated are calculated based on the Group’s earnings or a specified pre-agreed amount. This cover applies to your Group regardless of the location the accident happens.

Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance can also be bundled up with Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) insurance, which is a compulsory government employee compensation cover that employers take out for all their employees. Bundling up WIBA with GPA allows an employer to provide cover for employees for both work and non-work related accidents and incidents. The WIBA part of the cover would come into effect only if the injury is work related and as per the Work Injuries Benefits Act, WIBA 2007 set limits. The Group Personal Accident part of the cover responds to non-work related accidents.

Our Group Personal Accident is usually quoted based on your group’s specific needs so we would need to engage in order to effectively guide you on the ideal insurance mix for your Group.

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What are the Key Features of ICEA LION’s Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Accidental Death:

We will pay your nominated beneficiaries the pre-agreed amount or the agreed multiple of your salary for your loss of life as a result of the accident or incident.

Permanent Disability:

We will pay your or nominated beneficiary a certain percentage of the pre-agreed amount or the agreed multiple of your salary for permanent disability as a result of the accident or incident.

Weekly Payment (Temporary Total Disability):

This benefit pays you weekly payments if you suffer an accident that limits your capacity to perform your job duties. This payment is for a temporary period until you fully recover. The maximum period of compensation is limited to 104 weeks.

Medical Expenses:

As a direct result of this incident, we will reimburse you for the medical costs – including optical and dental – that you will incur. This is available up to a certain limit.

Emergency Evacuation:

We will cover any expenses related to evacuating you to seek medical assistance as a result of the incident.

Assistive Devices:

We will cover the costs related to acquiring crutches, hearing aids and prosthetics and other devices, required for your rehabilitation.

Repatriation Costs:

In the unfortunate event of your demise, we will cover the cost of returning your remains to your place or residence.

Funeral Expenses:

We will pay your nominated beneficiaries the pre-agreed amount for your unfortunate loss of life as a result of the accident or incident to assist in settling your funeral costs.

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