According to the National Road Transport & Safety report of August 5, 2020, Road Traffic Deaths (RTDs) were identified as one of the leading causes of death for people between 5 and 29 years of age. The report also noted that four out of every five road crashes in Kenya are caused by human error, mainly due to reckless driving. Careless driving, use of mobile phones while behind the wheel, over speeding, drunk driving and many others, are some of the driver behaviours that contribute to most accidents on Kenyan roads. There is a call for different players to establish measures  to reduce mortality, disability, increased cost of healthcare and motor vehicle insurance resulting from preventable road accidents.

Our ICEA LION SecuDrive solution, developed in partnership with Swiss Re, is a much needed response that heeds the above mentioned call.  This mobile-app based telematics motor insurance solution is a behavior change coaching program that helps you to identify and improve your driving behavior, using international benchmarks.

Evelyn Musunzar, the Business Development Manager in charge of Retail & Branches for ICEA LION General Insurance, sheds more light on our solution.

What Is SecuDrive?

SecuDrive is our Mobile-App Based Telematics Motor Insurance Solution that  uses a mobile application to monitor your driving behaviour. It does this by checking how harshly you brake, any risky manoeuvres you make and your phone usage while behind the wheel. The mobile application assesses your driving style and rewards you with points  which you can redeem for premium discounts or use to pay for  a variety of goods & services at any service provider that offers the LIPA NA M-PESA service.


How Does SecuDrive Work?

You can download the SecuDrive app through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store after taking up our ICEA LION Motor Insurance. You can purchase our motor insurance online via and have your digital motor certificate emailed to you immediately. The application, once installed, rates you based on your driving style. Each rating is calculated per trip based on the 3 main criteria below:

The data per trip is collected using our SecuDrive App and applied to your premium calculation. Rest assured that any data collected is confidential and used within the confines of the requisite data protection laws.

If The Car Used Is Shared, Will My Score Be Affected? 

If another (qualified) driver is driving the insured car, it is advisable that you switch off your trip progress by disabling your location, having your battery on save mode or switching  off your data. This is because different drivers have different ways of driving. If you leave the trip on, it will be recorded and the scores used to rate you.

If you forget to do this, have an option to rectify/delete trips upto 7 days after they have been recorded (see image for reference). Here’s how to do it:

What Happens If The Connection Is Lost During A Trip? Will I Be Able To Recover My  Points? 

For as long as you have your phone’s location feature turned on, the App will record the trip progress in the background. Then, once you reconnect your phone the app will recover the trip data and give you your cumulative score.

What Is The Maximum Discount I Can Get On My Insurance Premiums For Good Driving Behaviour?

The best drivers will get a discount of up to 15% off their premiums at the time of renewing their motor insurance policy at the end of the year ( also called policy anniversary), if they have a cumulative score of 90% or more.

Remember apart from the premium discounts, the points can also be redeemed for a variety of goods & services at any service provider that offers the LIPA NA M-PESA service.

How Do I Redeem The Points? 

It’s simple! Go to the bottom right hand side and click on the 3 dots (…); Access The Voucher shop and Go through the guided process to Redeem

What Does It Cost To Install And Use SecuDrive?

SecuDrive is available at no cost. However, because it uses data to run the location feature, the mobile data charges of your preferred provider will apply. Data usage depends on the duration you drive. From our tests, assuming a driving time of about 1.5 hours every day, SECUDRIVE will use approximately 50-70 MB a month.

What Is The Difference Between The Gadget Fixed On Cars And The Mobile Application Like SecuDrive?

The gadget fixed on your car is called an On Board Device (OBD). Both the application and the OBD play the same role in using data to make your driving and insurance experience better. There is no option to remove the OBD in case your vehicle is driven by a different person. The Application gives you the choice to switch off the trip. The installation of the OBD attracts a cost which is passed on to the vehicle owner in most cases.


What Benefits Will I Enjoy For Taking Up SecuDrive By ICEA LION?

  1. Awarded Points For Each Trip:

As stated above, if a driver is rated favourably, they  continuously accumulate points that are redeemable at any service provider that offers the  LIPA NA M-PESA   service such as fuel stations, restaurants and shopping malls. Every 10 points can be redeemed for KES 3.

Most importantly, the more points you earn the greater the chances of unlocking possible discounts on your next motor insurance premium.

  1. Rescue Service:

In addition, the App offers participating drivers access to Road Rescue/ Tow and Breakdown services when in need at a fee. You can opt to use your accumulated points for this service. You can also access our convenient claim reporting portal in the unfortunate event of an incident or accident. 

Is it possible to discontinue usage of the App midway through my policy? 

Yes! You can opt out of SecuDrive by uninstalling the App or if the App  is inactive for two consecutive months. However, these options are not encouraged as you stand to lose out on the gains you had anticipated when you took out the policy.

What If I Exit The SecuDrive App And Revert To Regular Motor Insurance, Does The Rating Affect My Premiums In A Regular ICEA LION Motor Insurance?

Exiting and discontinuing use of the App mid-way does not allow for change to regular motor policy due to differing policy system settings for both options.

If I Have More Than 1 Car, Does The App Accommodate The Extra Cars?

The SecuDrive App is user-based not vehicle-based. It is in use when you drive, whichever car you drive as long as you have your phone.

What Is The Process Of Lodging A Claim If I Get Into An Accident And I Am A SecuDrive Client?

The App has a Menu option that supports more features. The ability to report a claim, amongst other support services, is enabled here.

The ICEA LION SecuDrive App is a motor industry game changer. We offer you the chance to get more control over what you pay after every policy period. Most importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to prove to yourself and all your detractors that you choose to be the best driver you can be! Prioritize your safety, the safety of your loved ones and other road users.

To learn more about SECUDRIVE, talk to us on 0719071999 or email us at To enroll, visit to get started! You can also download the app via (iOS), (Android)