What Is ICEA LION’s Employer’s Liability

Our Employer’s Liability insurance covers you in the unfortunate event that your employee or ex-employee seeks compensation from you for work-related illness or injury that they believe was caused during the course of executing their duties whilst in service of your organization. It is important to note that this claim by your employee or ex-employee is not an injury or illness covered under the Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) Insurance for workmen’s compensation. They may seek compensation amounts ranging from medical costs to loss of income. 

In response, our cover also compensates you for workplace deaths and legal costs up to the limit of the policy you take up with us. Please be advised that there are limits on the amounts paid out per employee, incident or policy.

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Who Needs Employer’s Liability Insurance?

Our ICEA LION Employer’s Liability Insurance is suitable for any employer who seeks protection from a substantial financial loss that could arise from a work-related injury, illness or death. Despite your best safety efforts, accidents – indeed fatal ones – can occur.

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What Are Some Of The Exclusions on ICEA LION’s Employer’s Liability Insurance?


Any liability that you are to pay compensation to your employee or their legal personal representatives or dependants of your employee by virtue of any legislation providing for Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA).

Accidental Death

Any accidental death or injury occurring outside the normal working hours of your employee


Any injury by accident or disease sustained outside the Geographical Area by any of your employees whose contract of service is not made in Kenya and not subject to the Laws of Kenya.

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