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"Preserve my assets for distribution to my heirs and future generations."

A Trust is the most efficient way to preserve assets and administer their orderly transition to your future generations. 

A trust is a secure vehicle that ensures;

  • Multigenerational preservation of assets thereby protecting the founder’s legacy. 
  • Assets are professionally invested to give competitive returns (in case of cash assets); and
  • That the assets and family businesses are protected, preserved and effectively managed to ensure longevity and sustainability. Such assets can be gifted to beneficiaries as per the founders wishes at specified time-lines.

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"Ensure my family business is protected and preserved for continued growth."

A family business may be the single largest asset one may have in their estate. The owner may wish to see that the family business continues to thrive for many generations without subdivision while at the same time ensuring that the revenue generated continues to benefit the family. 

While distribution of the business shareholding may achieve this, the transfer of shares from the founder to their heirs will attract transfer/inheritance taxation. Furthermore, this may expose the business to external parties, contrary to the founder’s wish, should any of the inheritors decide dispose of their part of shareholding.

A trust is the most effective instrument to ensure that a valuable family asset is protected, preserved and managed for growth within the intended family environment while continuing to provide benefit to multi-generational family members.

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"Have a structured way to support and ensure continuity to my charitable interests."

You can set up a Charitable Trust for various initiatives such as supporting the community development projects, for educational sponsorships, supporting children’s homes among others. Periodic statements will be provided to you as the founder to track growth of the funds and progress of such projects. 

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"Ensure that my beneficiaries with special needs or/and elderly parents are taken care of."

Building up a fund can remove the financial strain experienced as a result of medical and critical care for such groups. You can set up a Trust Fund for beneficiaries with special needs to assist them financially throughout the existence of the trust. You can also set up a trust to take care of your parents in their old age, to ensure that all expenses related to their well-being are taken care of.      

I want

"Protect the assets from a lengthy probate process in the unfortunate event of my demise and ensure that my assets are administered in a structured manner as per my wishes."

A Trust guarantees protection over your assets because trusts are not subjected to the probate process (legal process to determine if it is valid or not). All a probate court does is to distribute any assets you own under a Trust. This means that your wish as to how your assets will be managed for the benefit of your family and dependents will always prevail thereby saving your dependants succession wars. 

The assets in a trust are administered as per your wishes, e.g for education, upkeep or medical purposes. Any instruction outside the scope as described in your trust deed would be contravening your (the founder) wishes contained in the maiden instruction on formation and operation of the trust.

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