Milele Trust Funds


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"Secure my children’s education, upkeep and Medicare."

Have the comfort that changing circumstances will never limit your child from attaining the future you envision for them. 

You can set up a trust account to cater for your children’s current and future education. The structure of the trust will enable you fund the children’s education kitty through regular deposits or by lump sum transfers, e.g. from your life insurance maturity / sum assured, sale of an asset, among other sources.

The Fund is held in a secure investment kitty to ensure that any un-utilized fund continues to grow over the lifetime of the Trust, while facilitating your children’s education financing. 

In the event of your demise or incapacitation, the trust continues to discharge its mandate as per your instructions, ensuring that your children’s education is secure. 

In addition, the trust can be extended to provide for their upkeep and Medicare.

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"Protect the interests of vulnerable and special needs dependents.”

A trust is especially helpful where you need to protect interest of loved ones with special needs. Setting up a trust fund can remove the financial strain experienced as a result of medical and critical care for such dependents. 

You can set up a Milele Trust Fund for beneficiaries with special needs to assist financing their caregiving throughout the existence of the trust. 

In addition, a trust can support your parents in their old age, and ensure that all expenses related to their well-being are taken care of.

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"Securely manage employee death benefits (Pension, Group Life, etc.) payable to minor beneficiaries."

Setting up a Trust fund allows the most effective management of employee benefits to cater for the long-term needs of minor dependents. The Milele trust will effectively manage the financing for their education, upkeep and medical expenses.

You can set up a Milele Trust account and nominate the trust as the recipient of your life insurance policy benefits and other employer related benefits for the security of your minor dependents.

A Trust helps to avoid possible mismanagement of such payable benefits by guardians thus helping such minors to enjoy the quality of education and care that would have otherwise been provided by the deceased. 

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"Have a structured way to support and ensure continuity to my charitable interests."

You can set up a Charitable Trust for various initiatives such as supporting the community development projects, for educational sponsorships, supporting children’s homes among others. Periodic statements will be provided to you as the founder to track growth of the funds and progress of such projects.  

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"Have a secure and accountable avenue of channeling my financial support to my family and investments back home."

You can set up a Milele Trust account for various initiatives such as supporting your family and community development projects, educational sponsorships, healthcare financing needs, among others. Periodic statements will be provided to you as the founder to track management of the funds and progress of such projects. 

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