The ICEA LION dog insurance is a comprehensive pet insurance policy for unique breeds of dogs that are mostly kept as pets or guard dogs. At ICEA LION we understand that your dog whether a pet or a security/ sniffer dog plays an instrumental role in your life and as such deserves that extra care that comes with this cover.

What Are the Features of the ICEA LION Dog Insurance?

The policy is divided into 4 sections:

Section 1: Death Out Of An Accident Or Illness( Mandatory)

In the unfortunate event that a dog passes on or has to be put to sleep by a vet, as a result of an injury caused by an accident during the Policy Year, ICEA LION will pay you the agreed value of the dog. This section also covers any death or injury resulting from any activity related to war, terrorism and civil commotion.

Section 2:  Medical Expenses

If you take up this section, ICEA LION will pay the cost of any treatment to your dog due to an illness or injury  by a qualified veterinary doctor. It is worth noting that in case the limit of your cover is exhausted during the same policy year, you can reinstate the cover by paying the applicable premium under this section. Further to this all expenses under this section are on reimbursement basis.

As the owner of the dog, ensure that the insured pet is vaccinated and dipped/sprayed regularly or in accordance with guidelines or instructions issued by a qualified veterinary doctor. You also need to maintain proper records to that effect. Such records shall be provided to us whenever required.

Section 3: Theft And Straying

If you take up this section, ICEA LION will pay the agreed value of the dog if it is stolen or goes missing and is not recovered or does not return. It is worth noting that if you do not not have the definite value of the dog, you will be paid the market value of the dog.

Section 4: Third Party Liability/ Public Liability

ICEA LION will cover you as the dog owner if your dog damages property or in the unfortunate event that your dog injures or kills someone or someone falls ill as a result of an incident involving the dog.  The liability limit under this section is Kshs. 2,000,000/=

What Else Should I Know About The ICEA LION Dog Insurance?

  • The cover does not include roaming Mongrels
  • All compensation for any incident under sections 1, 2 & 3 shall be less the applicable Excess/ deductible amount of 10% of the sum assured. Section 4 does not have any deductible amount attached.
  • Dog Insurance is ONLY available for pets between 6 months and 10 years old. Dogs kept purely for security purposes MUST be referred to the company
  • The cover does not offer a last ( funeral) expense benefit for your dog
  • The minimum accepted value of a dog for this type of insurance is Kes 20,000. There is no maximum value, however, all dogs worth more than Kes 200,000 have to be referred to us for a customized package
  • The dog will be insured at the value you declare*
  • Now that you understand the basics of our ICEA LION Dog Insurance and would like to insure with us see below a self-rating table for an estimate of the premium you will pay:

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