What is ICEA LION’s Medical Second Opinion (MSO)?
We know that facing a serious medical condition can be very overwhelming because the decision you make following your initial diagnosis can have a major impact on your future health and quality of life. That’s why we have partnered with MediGuide to bring the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service to you. This service provides an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan by top medical minds in world leading medical centres without travelling out of the country. Click

A medical second opinion helps you to:
1. Confirm or change the diagnosis of your medical condition.
2. Evaluate your treatment plan and explore the treatment options available to you.
3. Access world leading medical centres that specialize in your diagnosis, optimize your treatment plan and improve health outcomes.
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How Does ICEA LION’s Medical Second Opinion Work?
1. If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, contact the MediGuide’s local service centre to initiate the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service through the provided toll-free number.
2. You will need to consent to the release of your medical records before your Doctor can prepare them for MediGuide. A consent form will be sent to you to sign.
3. MediGuide will then contact you and recommend 3 world leading medical centres or expert physicians with expertise in your condition.
4. You and your Doctor will then choose which centre you wish to use from the list of 3 provided.
5. Your medical information will be reviewed thereafter by your selected expert physician / team of specialists at your selected medical centre.
6. You and your Doctor will receive a written review of the original diagnosis and proposed treatment plan within 10 working days.

Does my condition have to be life-threatening to get a Medical Second Opinion?
No. Most second opinion cases result from serious or life-threatening conditions but you can get a Medical Second Opinion (MSO) for almost any medical condition.

Will my local Doctor be offended if I ask for a second opinion?
A Medical Second Opinion (MSO) is not about second-guessing your doctor. Most physicians agree that a second opinion adds value, providing a full picture of your condition and treatment options. The World Leading Medical Centre hires the most highly regarded and focused Medical Researchers.

What would cause the treatment recommended in my Medical Second Opinion (MSO)
to be different from the one advised by my Treating Doctor?
1. MediGuide uses World Leading Medical Centres and a team of doctors will re-examine your medical records.
2.The Medical Second Opinion (MSO) report will provide you with a treatment plan.
3.The treatment plan may differ from the treatment plan offered by your attending physician.
4.There is no referral from a doctor to another doctor. Instead, there is a referral from a doctor to a research team comprised of doctors of multiple specialties.
5.The top specialists have experience in their particular field and have dealt with similar issues from a global perspective for an extended period of time.

Who are the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) reviewers?
Your case is reviewed by specialists at medical centres selected for their medical research advancements, cutting-edge treatments, and overall quality of their clinical outcomes.

How does MediGuide choose their medical centres?
MediGuide appraises the panel of medical centres on an ongoing basis to ensure they are capable of providing quality Medical Second Opinion (MSO) services.

When can I access the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service?
You can access Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service provided you have an active membership in force and you are diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition.

Is my family covered?
Yes. Your spouse or partner, your parents, your parents-in-law and your children are covered provided that your benefit plan covers your extended family.

Can I use Medical Second Opinion Service where there is inconclusive diagnosis after
medical tests?
Medical Second Opinion (MSO) is done when there is a formal documented diagnosis by a medical Doctor. However, should the initial diagnosis be inconclusive, the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) will definitely provide clarity on the diagnosis and possible treatment.

Which medical conditions are covered by Medical Second Opinion Service?
This service is available to review ALL diagnosis and treatment plan for any medical condition except the following:

i. Where an official diagnosis has not been given by a treating Doctor.
ii. Where there is no medical evaluation by a Doctor in the last 12 months.
iii. Where the condition is life-threatening or a medical emergency and requires immediate or urgent medical attention including but not limited to bleeding, breathing difficulties, epileptic seizures, severe pain, heart attack, snake or insect bite etc. However, you are at liberty to use the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Service while undertaking treatment for these conditions.
iv. Where a physical evaluation or an in-person study in required such as mental illness. Can I use Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service for a condition that was present before I became a member? Yes. You and your family can use this service for pre-existing conditions which were diagnosed before you became a member.

How long is the waiting period?
There is no waiting period for Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Service if purchased as rider to any of the ICEA LION products. We have a 3 months waiting period if Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Service is purchased as a standalone product.

Is there an age limit for using the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Service?
This Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Service is accessible to people of all ages.

Is it my responsibility to collect my medical records?
Once you contact MediGuide and give them consent to collect and share your data, they will then work with you and your medical service provider(s) to collect all relevant medical records. In the unlikely event that MediGuide and its local medical case coordinator is unable to secure the necessary cooperation in collecting the needed medical records, the Member ultimately will be responsible for gathering these medical records and test results.

What is the next step after I receive my Medical Second Opinion?
Discuss the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service recommendations with your doctor or specialist. The report provides peace of mind. It assists you to make informed decisions about your health and treatment plan. It may lead to a new treatment plan being administered locally. Should you and your doctor have questions regarding a different diagnosis and treatment plan, MediGuide will assist you to submit your questions to the medical centre that provided the review.

How many times can I use the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service?
As long as you are a member and you or your family want a Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service on a diagnosed condition that is covered, you can use this service as often as you need to.

What about the privacy and security of my medical records?
All discussions and on-going correspondence between you, MediGuide and your chosen world leading medical centre remain confidential. All your medical records are data protected in accordance with data protection laws.

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