Terms and Conditions of Use for the SECUDRIVE App

 The Terms and Conditions of Use for the SECUDRIVE apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance of ICEA LION General Insurance Company. Unless specified otherwise below, the Terms and Conditions of Use apply in the version in force at the time the contract is taken out.

1. How does the SECUDRIVE work?
The SECUDRIVE awards you redeemable point at selected partners. For this, the SECUDRIVE logs data to rate how you drive. To use the SECUDRIVE, you should download and activate the app within two weeks of the start of the contract. If your driving is rated positively you continuously accumulate award points on your dashboard and comments on improvement areas noted. It also allows you premium discount for safe driving.

2. What is needed to use the SECUDRIVE?

2.1 An insurance contract with “Get Rewarded AS You Drive” option
A current insurance contract for motor vehicles must be in place with ICEA LION General Insurance Company, taken out with “Get rewarded as How You Drive” option.

2.2 Install the app on the smartphone of the most frequent driver
The SECUDRIVE should be duly activated on the smartphone of the insured driver of the insured vehicle.

3. How is your driving rated?

3.1 Rating per trip
Each trip is rated with a points score. The rating per trip is calculated from the following driving data measured and transmitted by the app:

  • “Distraction” (no distraction such as using the smartphone while driving)
  • “Speeding” (keeping within the applicable speed limit)
  • “Context” (time of day and type of road)
  • “Maneuvers” (no risky manoeuvres such as sudden acceleration, braking or steering)

The rating per trip is displayed in the app. A low score means driving was rated as poor. A high score means driving was rated as good.

The calculations are based on recognised analytical models and procedures. Analysis take into account the relationship between driving, the driving conditions and loss events. The probability of you being involved in an accident and the costs that will likely be incurred are compared with the figures for other drivers who drive in a similar manner. Thresholds are taken into consideration.

The top diversion while driving is probably using your phone. You only have to pick the device up for a quick glance at your latest message to considerably reduce your speed of reaction should a sudden manoeuvre become necessary, such as braking or swerving. Any smartphone activity logged during a trip has a negative impact on the rating and is most likely closely related to the probability of an accident.

Failure to adjust speed and breaking the speed limit in town or when driving in the country is a frequent cause of major road accidents. The general speed profile is a key element in the rating. Any oneoff, brief speeding over the limit is less important. General speed is most likely closely related to the probability of an accident.

Aggressive driving such as frequently braking sharply or accelerating rapidly is another traffic risk factor. This applies particularly during risky manoeuvres. Risky means, for example, driving inappropriately into bends, when turning off or when setting off. Driving hesitantly or inattentively can also lead to errors at the wheel. Individual spontaneous driving manoeuvres are less significant. Braking sharply in a dangerous situation, for instance, is the right reaction. What matters for the rating is general behaviour when accelerating, braking, steering and taking bends. This behaviour is most likely closely related to the probability of an accident.

The time of day when you normally drive can affect the risk of you having an accident. Driving at night, for example, is riskier than during the day. There are many reasons for this:

  • Vision is limited at night.
  • Traffic accidents at night are often caused by overtiredness and nodding off.
  • Roads that appear to be empty can encourage irresponsible drivers to go too fast.
  • Wild animals are more likely to be crossing the road at twilight or at night than during the daytime.

Driving in heavy traffic (e.g. during the rush hour) is riskier than when things are quieter.

The type of road you tend to take can also affect your risk of having an accident:

  • Crashes from behind which damage bodywork are more likely in town than when driving in the country or on the motorway.
  • The risk of major traffic accidents involving personal injury is higher when driving on country roads than in builtup areas.

Overall driving rating
Often one single criterion, such as driving at unfavourable times, can lead to an inappropriate rating of your driving if considered in isolation. For example, driving home from work at night is not in itself a safety risk, but only when combined with aggressive driving.

The combination of risky criteria is rated negatively in the overall rating.


  • You frequently travel at high speed at night on country roads. The unfavourable time and risky speed on country roads play a role here.
  • You regularly drive on urban motorways at rush hour. You frequently break the speed limit. You also frequently brake and accelerate sharply.

The distance you travel also plays a part in the overall rating. Shorter distances tend to have a positive impact on the rating.

3.2 Daily rating
A daily rating is calculated every day from one or more ratings per trip. But you do not score any points just for one trip or one day.

3.3 Weekly rating
A weekly rating is calculated from the daily ratings.

4. Points
The number of points received is determined from the weekly rating achieved as follows. The maximum number of points that can be scored in the individual categories (assuming a weekly rating of 100%) is:

  • 15 points for “distraction”
  • 10 points for “speeding”
  • 10 points for “context”
  • 10 points for “maneuvers”
  • multiplied by a factor of 1.15 (“infrequent drivers”) to 1.0 (“frequent drivers”), depending on the distance in kilometres

In the best case (100% rating and “infrequent driver”), you can achieve 56 points per week.

5. What are the technical requirements?
Use of SECUDRIVE is subject to the following technical requirements:

  • A working smartphone. The smartphone must be able to operate SECUDRIVE for the entire trip. It must also be able to log data (e.g. by GPS).
  • SECUDRIVE must have been properly activated on the smartphone.
  • The location function on the smartphone must be activated, functioning and allowed for SECUDRIVE.
  • For all trips in the vehicle(s) insured, SECUDRIVE must not be deactivated and must be functioning.
  • Trips that cannot be logged or recorded for technical reasons cannot be used to determine your rating. Trips cannot be uploaded later.
  • Sufficient data capacity must be available for transmission, or you must use the “WLAN only” setting.

6. Must you log your trips?
If we find that you have not activated the SECUDRIVE properly or have manipulated it to prevent trips being logged, you will forfeit your entitlement to reward points accumulation.

7. Restrictions and inaccuracies
Given the current state of technology, restrictions and inaccuracies in the availability and use of the app are possible; these are beyond our control. We will make all reasonable efforts to remedy interruptions promptly or endeavour to do so. In particular, services provided by third parties such as the following are beyond our control:

  • Satellite positioning
  • Mobile telecommunications
  • Road and traffic data.

8. Costs
The app is free to download and use. Mobile phone and internet costs to download and use the app and any software updates depend on the terms and costs of your mobile phone or service provider.

Data Protection Notices and Consent to Data Processing for the SECUDRIVE

These notices are to inform you about how personal data under the insurance contract entered into between you, ICEA LION General Insurance Company as the processor and provider is processed by ICEA LION General Insurance Company using the insurance app and the rights you have under data protection law; please grant the consent required for processing. This information is in addition to the data protection information on the motor vehicle insurance contract relating to matters specific to the SECUDRIVE.

1. Controller

ICEA LION General Insurance Company
Address: P.O Box 30190- 00100
Telephone +254 2750000
E-Mail: contactcentre@icealion.com

Insurance provider:
ICEA LION General Insurance Company

2. Purposes and legal basis of data processing with the SECUDRIVE

We process your personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the relevant provisions of the Insurance Policies Act (IPA) and all other applicable legislation.

Compared to the associated motor vehicle insurance contract, the additional purposes of processing personal data by the SECUDRIVE as described below are to meet the service obligations of ICEA LION General Insurance Company under the motor vehicle insurance contract with ICEA LION General Insurance Company to:

  • rate your driving to calculate your personal bonus;
  • provide you with certain functionalities via the smartphone app (e.g. display current driving data, deliver messages);
  • refine and improve the rules on the bonus methodology;
  • provide comprehensive information on request.

It is not possible to install the SECUDRIVE or perform the service contract with the „Pay as You Drive“ option using the SECUDRIVE without processing your personal data.

The legal basis for processing your personal data for contractual purposes is articles 4.ff. DPA.

You may terminate the processing of further data via the SECUDRIVE by uninstalling it. Processing of further data for the above purposes in addition to the motor insurance policy will then no longer take place.

3. How is data processed by the SECUDRIVE?

Once the SECUDRIVE has been activated on your smartphone, it sends data on your driving. The SECUDRIVE is operated by Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, Mythenquai 60, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland (Swiss Re) and its subsidiary Movingdots GmbH, Lloydstrasse 46, 28217 Bremen, and the data gathered by the app is processed by these companies. Swiss Re measures values for your driving, which are compared with benchmarks and rated. This rating (score) is the basis for calculating the bonus on your motor vehicle insurance contract.

Key points to note: ICEA LION General Insurance Company is supported by a technical service provider (“Swiss Re). Swiss Re is obliged to comply with current data protection legislation. The services of the Microsoft Azure cloud are also used to provide technical infrastructure via Swiss Re. The cloud servers are located in the Netherlands and Ireland and come under the scope of EU data protection legislation.

The service provider receives the driving data from the SECUDRIVE (see Fig. 3) and has undertaken to process it in accordance with the legal and contractual provisions.

ICEA LION General Insurance Company in turn receives from Swiss Re only the following data on your client ID:

  • The rating of your driving, expressed as a score;
  • The number of trips you have made and the kilometres driven on different types of road;
  • The date your last trip was logged on the app;
  • The model and operating system of your smartphone and the current version of the app, for support purposes.

ICEA LION General Insurance Company does not receive any other data or information on your driving and trips you have entered in the SECUDRIVE yourself and are able to view. This does not apply to individual enquiries from ICEA LION General Insurance Company to review reported claims. ICEA LION General Insurance Company is therefore not able to produce a profile of your movements or those of your vehicle.

We also process your data to protect our legitimate interests and those of third parties. Specifically, this may be necessary in the following cases:

  • To ensure IT security and operations;
  • To develop fee scales, products and services.

Swiss Re processes your data from the SECUDRIVE on the basis of its legitimate interests in order to calculate scores for driving (profiling) (see Fig. 3).

Swiss Re also processes your personal data to meet legal obligations such as supervisory requirements, archiving duties under commercial or tax law or our duty to provide advice. The respective legal regulations serve as the legal basis for processing in each case.

If we wish to process your personal data for a purpose other than those listed above; we will inform you beforehand under the legal provisions.

4. Categories and sources of data
The following types of personal data are processed when using the SECUDRIVE;

4.1 Creating a client ID and vehicle profile
Policy data (policy details such as insurance cover and data on the owner and driver of the vehicle and the vehicle(s) insured) are sent to Swiss Re by ICEA LION General Insurance Company to create a client and vehicle profile.

4.2 Policy and claims data
In addition to the policy data specified in 4.1, ICEA LION General Insurance Company also shares claims data on, for example, the place, time, type and size of claims with Swiss Re to refine and improve the scoring methodology.

4.3 Driving data
Once the SECUDRIVE has been installed on your smartphone and successfully activated and is operating, it logs the following driving data at regular intervals:

  • GPS time;
  • GPS position;
  • Current speed to GPS positions;
  • GPS signal quality;
  • Force of driving manoeuvres such as accelerating, braking or taking bends (G-force);
  • Time trip started (first acceleration recorded in the smartphone by the G-sensor);
  • Time trip ended (motionless for more than a preset interval or stage);
  • Use of smartphone during the trip.

4.4 Technical data
Once installed on your smartphone, successfully activated and operating, the SECUDRIVE logs technical data about the smartphone (make, model, IMEI, system version, battery and charge status).

5. Transmission of data by the SECUDRIVE
The data logged by the SECUDRIVE while in operation is transmitted to Swiss Re at regular intervals in encrypted form over the mobile network or by WLAN and processed under your client ID.

6. Data enhancement
Driving data is enhanced by Swiss Re using an interface to the map service “here”, adding further data such as type of road and the speed limit/guideline on the relevant section of road. This is done only for individual GPS position and time data, without using any other data that would make it possible to identify the person concerned.

7. Rating (scoring) a trip
The enhanced data is processed by Swiss Re using rules set by ICEA LION General Insurance Company. The rules rate each individual trip by the client in four dimensions:

  • Activating the smartphone during the trip;
  • Keeping to the speed limit;
  • Driving manoeuvres (e.g. accelerating, braking, taking bends):
  • Type of road taken and time.

For each individual trip, a rating (score) is calculated in each of the four dimensions. These ratings are combined to give an overall rating each week. What type of driving is essentially rated as good is set out in the Terms and Conditions of Use for the SECUDRIVE accompanying your motor insurance contract.

8. Other recipients, forwarding data to third parties
Personal data of app users is essentially only given to third parties where this is necessary to provide the app and/or perform the contract, legal authorisation is held or you expressly give consent. Data may also be passed to third parties if ICEA LION General Insurance Company is obliged to do so under legal provisions or an enforceable official or court order.

9. Pseudonymised analysis to improve bonus methodology
The intention is to refine and improve the rules set by ICEA LION General Insurance Company to calculate the bonus and the functionalities of the SECUDRIVE in future. So this can be done, the driving data is pseudonymised by Swiss Re and subjected to further statistical processing.

10. Duration of data storage
We delete your personal data once it is no longer needed for the purposes listed above. It may happen that personal data is stored for the period during which claims may be made against our company (the statutory limitation period of between three and thirty years). We also store your personal data where we are legally obliged to do so. Such duties of documentation and retention may arise under the Commercial Code, the Tax Code and the Anti-Money Laundering Act, amongst others. These specify storage periods of up to 10 years.

The data gathered under section 4 hereof is anonymised after one year.

11. Your rights
You can request information about data stored about you from the following email address:
Email: privacy@icealion.com

You can contact our data protection officer ICEA LION General Insurance Company, Address: P.O Box 30190-00100

You can also ask for your data to be corrected or, subject to certain conditions, deleted. You may also be entitled to restrict the processing of your data and to have data you have provided made available in a standard, structured, machine-readable format.

12. Other tips on using the app

12.1 Installation
To use the ICEA LION General Insurance Company solution you must register via the app. The app is available from app stores operated by third parties. To download, you normally have to be registered with the app store in question and install the app store software. ICEA LION General Insurance Company has no influence over the collection, processing and use of data in connection with the relevant app store; responsibility for these lies solely with the operator of the app store in question. If you need more information, please contact the app store operator.

12.2 Registration
To register as an app user, please use your cell phone number and validate with your plate number and your policy number. You will receive a SMS with verification code every time when you sign in.

12.3 Token
The SECUDRIVE uses a token as a technical identifier so the app remains logged on by default unless you choose to log off.

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