Lewa Conservancy: Predator Programme

Our investment of Kshs 472,000 will support Lewa’s efforts to monitor carnivores on the conservancy; mainly focused on lions and hyenas. This is driven by the dominance of the two species in reference to their impact on other predators and the prey base. Therefore, the main objectives of monitoring these carnivores are to:

1. Determine the status, population dynamics, survival, performance and movement patterns of the lions and hyenas:
2. Determine connectivity of lion populations on Lewa with those in northern Kenya
3. Understand spatial separation and competitive dynamics between lions and hyenas
4. Evaluate the impact of predation on prey species
5. Mitigate human-carnivores conflicts in the contiguous community conservation areas

As such, major activities to realize the aforementioned objectives will include:

1. Supporting the two predator monitoring officers who either walk several kilometres daily or drive across the landscape to monitor the location, status, behaviour and association patterns of lions;
2. Recollaring two lions from different prides with GPS collars so that they can act as reference points in the daily tracking
3. Daily radio-tracking of the collared individuals and prides
4. Using the cluster point method, daily visits to all kill sites to monitor mortality rates
5. Collecting and processing of lions scat to understand the composition of their diet
6. Camera trapping at hyena dens to understand the status and performance of hyenas as well as their interaction with lions
7. Camera trapping at the migratory gaps/gates to understand the connectivity of lion populations on Lewa and those in the adjoining conservation and community lands
8. Daily liaison with the agropastoralist and pastoralist communities to avert human-lion conflict incidents
9. Creating and updating of a digital identification database of lions using whisker spot patterns


“Charity begins at home” the old adage goes. As such, it is imperative that we impassion our family at ICEA LION to understand the intricacies of lion conservation. As a result, in 2018, we partnered with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to immerse our staff at the Conservancy for two days to be sensitised on the cause. There, they had an opportunity to see programmes instituted by Lewa and how these unsung heroes were transforming communities around them.

The team also had a chance to collect and examine scat in the lab to see how the team of researchers determine what the lions are eating. The Conservation Education Centre was a particular attraction. The trip achieved a lot of milestones, but most importantly the realisation that keeping these animals alive in their natural ecosystem has a direct impact on the country and the communities around them.


The ultimate objective is to establish informed initiatives in the high risk areas that are relevant to the longevity of our lion population and essentially impact the creation of wealth through tourism. Our goal is to restore the pride, to bring focus to our heritage, the lion, as seen on our coat of arms as a symbol of strength, unity and security. The digital and social media space will be a critical factor in sharing this journey with lion enthusiasts, particularly the youth who are quite keen on conservation. Indeed, ICEA LION was recognized for its pursuit of sustainable CSR with the Winner Award at the industry Think Business Insurance Awards in 2018.

Our brand is known for providing reliable insurance solutions as well as rewarding investments. We seek to change the perception that money spent on insurance is a waste and rather have people understand that securing what is important to them is worth the investment. Our heritage is important to us. We wish to secure it. We are keen to make a difference and change customer perceptions around insurance and investment products beyond the actual impact on our heritage, economy and our future as a nation. Most importantly, it is our mission to ensure that future generations are able to see lions roam the wild, and truly protect and create the wealth of East Africa.

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