As one of the only four African insurance company signatories to the United Nations Environmental Programme Finance Initiative’s (UNEP-FI) Principles of Sustaible Insurance (PSI), we affirm our commitment towards sustainability at the heart of risk management in the pursuit of a more forward-looking and better managed world.

By protecting companies and consumers from everyday risks, we provide the priceless sense of protection and peace of mind required to grow our economy. We create products and services enabling our customers to transfer their risks and in return, they pay us contributions, premiums or deposits, investing in the future. By pooling risks and premiums, we offer financial and social protection to individuals and companies, further reinforcing a sense of community. This also encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

With a low insurance penetration rate of about 2.73%, it is evident that the most vulnerable members of our society have insufficient access to insurance. To tackle this, we are developing products that are simpler, more flexible and easier to access through our digital channels. As long-term investors, we help boost sustainable growth within the economy. With total assets in excess of Kshs. 12.6 billion we create long-term value for our customers, shareholders and society as a whole empowering them to live a better life.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by countries in the year 2015, invite global action by 2030 in three overarching areas i.e. reduction of poverty, protection of the planet and ensuring prosperity for all. The SDGs include specific targets that can only be achieved by governments, civil society and businesses working together around the globe. As an insurance provider, we recognise our role in contributing to some of these SDGs. We see insurance as a powerful enabler to these SDGs. The section below highlights how our sustainability pillars align to the SDG.


Our Passion To Safeguard The Future Of Lions In Kenya The population of lions in the wild has been noted to have decreased significantly throughout Africa and is currently at 20,000 with an estimated 2,000 being from Kenya.
The lions’ official conservation status is ‘threatened and vulnerable’. Africa is synonymous with lions and people all over the world travel to Kenya to witness and experience our spectacular natural and wildlife wealth.
Protecting lions in the wild is an important part of securing our economic future as a nation. As an organisation we strongly believe that our partnering with KWS and other world renown local conservationists ensures the future of our economy.

Our I SEE A LION Corporate Social Investment Campaign is aptly named, and has a strong connection with our company name ICEA LION. It is aimed at ensuring that future generations get to SEE lions roam freely in the
wild and future. At ICEA LION, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘King of the Financial Jungle‘. It was a natural fit to inculcate the passion needed to safeguard the future of the Lion in Kenya; that almost forgotten noble and iconic beast that has unwittingly been relegated by the grand and beloved tusked giants, yet is a central part of this country’s heritage.

Following sessions and conferences held with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) at their Carnivore Conference, the passion to save this vulnerable and threatened icon of East Africa was born. The adopted project not only demonstrated true sustainability in the viability of projects that ICEA LION could support, but also impacted the socio-economic prosperity of East Africa.

We identified two key initiatives in this regard:

  • The Nationwide Lion Census: In collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service, we have contributed Kshs. 1.28 Million towards the Conservation Partners Methodologies & Standardization Workshop as well as the pilot census undertaken at Lake Nakuru National Park. In 2019, ICEA LION invested Kshs. 1.7 Million towards purchase of census equipment to complete the exercise across the country.
  • The Human-Wildlife Conflict Interventions: We have invested over Kshs. 12.5 Million with conservation partners Ewaso Lions and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to support community conservation programmes.
  2. KENYA WILDLIFE SERVICE (KWS) Lion Census Methodology & Standardization Workshop
  3. KENYA WILDLIFE SERVICE (KWS)  Census Equipment
  5. LEWA CONSERVANCY – Conservation Education


Our Impact Stories

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