Milele Trust Fund

Milele Trust Fund

Milele Trust Fund helps you ensure the proper management of your property and assets in accordance with your wishes, in the unfortunate event of your incapacitation or demise. It’s important to note that you can have a trust set up to run whilst you are alive. This is especially important if you want to have a say in the critical aspects of your loved ones’ lives such as education, medical care and general well-being and upkeep when you are gone and also to ensure that your legacy lives on. We acknowledge that it is important to you to ensure that your legacy lives on and our ICEA LION Milele Trust enables you to do so.

Upon your demise, your Trust becomes “irrevocable” which means that all the wishes you had narrated cannot be changed. From then on, your funds, property and assets are managed and distributed by ICEA LION Trust Company (Trustees) in accordance with your instructions throughout the rest of the Trust’s existence. 



Professional Investment advice

We offer investment advice at the time you set up the Trust, to ensure that the investment decisions we make on your behalf deliver on your objectives.rns.

Smooth Transition
Your funds, property and assets that are held in your Trust do not go through probate meaning that when you pass on, your beneficiaries do not have to go to court for your funds, property and assets to be distributed. With a will, you might be subjected to probate.


The Trust is affordable as we offer professional services charged at 1% of the value of the fund (your funds, property and assets) per annum. There are no joining charges nor minimum fee.

Peace of mind

Your ICEA LION Milele Trust Fund, under our Trusteeship, gives you the peace of mind to know that in the event the unexpected happens, your legacy is protected and preserved for your loved ones

Protected from creditors claims

Your funds, property and assets placed under our ICEA LION Milele Trust Fund are protected from creditors claims.

Easy Set up

Our Trust provides an orderly means of administering your personal and financial affairs should you become incapacitated, or upon your unfortunate demise. 

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