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Wealth creation strongly depends on consistency and sustainability, therefore we will be collaborating with communities within these areas working towards securing the future of the lion and in essence the future of our heritage. We identified Ewaso Lions in Samburu as an organization that has truly embraced sustainable conservations initiatives.

Since 2007, Ewaso Lions has used science, education, and local capacity building to guide and facilitate long-term carnivore conservation in northern Kenya. Their flagship community programme, Warrior Watch Programme, engages the Samburu warriors in conservation in Northern Kenya through various community and research activities. They aim to strengthen and scale up our research activities by employing efficient and effective methods in our lion and wildlife monitoring across our study area.

In November 2017, ICEA LION supported Ewaso Lions with Kshs. 0.9 Million to facilitate their various lion monitoring programmes. ICEA LION further invested Kshs. 3.8 Million to develop a captivating and engaging film to showcase Ewaso Lions efforts whilst starting the movement amongst Kenyans to #JoinTheMovement with regards to lion conservation. The film has had tremendous success on our social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There were over 100,000 views on Facebook and over 100,000 on YouTube.

The film can be viewed on the ICEA LION website www.icealion.com/corporate-downloads. We will continue to engage them and like-minded organizations to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Our Ultimate Objective

The ultimate objective is to establish informed initiatives in the high risk areas that are relevant to the longevity of our lion population and essentially impact the creation of wealth through tourism. Our goal is to restore the pride, to bring focus to our heritage – the lion – as seen on our coat of arms as a symbol of strength, unity and security. The digital and social media space will be a critical factor in sharing this journey with lion enthusiasts, particularly the youth who are quite keen on conservation. Indeed, ICEA LION was recognized for its pursuit of sustainable CSR at the industry Think Business Insurance Awards in 2017 garnering the 1st Runners Up Position.

Our brand is known for providing reliable insurance solutions as well as rewarding investments. We seek to change the perception that money spent on insurance is a waste and rather have people understand that securing what is important to them is worth the investment. Our Heritage is important to us. We wish to secure it. We are keen to make a difference and change customer perceptions around insurance and investment products beyond the actual impact on our heritage, economy and our future as a nation.

Most importantly, it is our mission to ensure that future generations are able to see lions roam the wild, and truly protect and create the wealth of East Africa.

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