Long-term sustainability is a key pillar anchored to our internally adopted best-practice corporate governance practices. In 2016, ICEA LION became signatories to the United Nations Environmental Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) Principles of Sustainable Insurance (PSI). We are delighted to be one of only five insurers in Africa and the first in East Africa, to sign on to these principles. This is testament to our trailblazing spirit and indeed to our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability.

These Principles, developed by UNEP’s Finance Initiative and signed in June 2012 at the RIO+20 Summit in Brazil, are a framework for the global insurance industry to address environmental, social and governance risks

and opportunities. They provide a global roadmap to develop and expand innovative risk management and insurance solutions that promote social and environmental protection, inclusive insurance, renewable energy, food

security, clean water, sustainable cities and disaster-resilient communities. Sustainable insurance aims to reduce risk, develop innovative solutions, improve business performance and contribute to environmental, social and

economic sustainability while creating shared value. Shared value policies and operating practices are meant to enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing economic and social conditions

in the communities it operates. We are indeed delighted to become part of this elite network.

The aim of the Principles is to lay a foundation upon which as a player, we can build a stronger relationship that puts sustainability at the heart of risk management in the pursuit of a more forward-looking and better managed world.

Commitment to the Principles articulates to our stakeholders our stance towards responsible action as we consciously develop innovative risk solutions that solve current challenges. It positions ICEA LION as a market leader as we seek dominance towards shaping policies that positively influence the insurance market.

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