What Is A Unit Trust?

A Unit Trust is a type of investment where people with common savings and investment goals join a collective investment scheme that is managed by a professional investment/fund manager.

It’s key advantage is that all investors benefit from the economies of scale that the pooled funds provide.

Unit Trusts in Kenya are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

What Types Of Unit Trusts Are Available At ICEA LION?

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When selecting a Unit Trust Fund to invest in, consider  your individual saving and investment objectives as well as your risk appetite.

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What Can You Tell Me About ICEA LION’s Unit Trust Funds & Their Risk Levels ?

So What Are The Benefits Of A Unit Trust Fund?


You can set up the Unit Trust Fund account of your choice for as little as KES 500 and top up with whatever amount you wish to save or invest at any time. You can set this up at your convenience by visiting our DigiTrust Page that allows you to plan for, set up, deposit and withdraw your funds at the click of a button.

Diversification of Investments:

Unit Trusts take advantage of the pooled funds to give individual investors access to a variety of investment instruments. The economies of scale offer the opportunity for investment in diverse portfolios which you would otherwise not be able to enjoy as an individual. Further, the diversified range of assets reduces the risk you would face if you directly invested in only one asset class.


Unit Trusts are created by what is called a Trust Deed, which constitutes a contractual agreement that governs the relationship between you, the investor, the investment/fund manager, the trustees and Capital Markets Authority, who supervise and ensure the integrity of the investment plan for Unit Trusts. As a result, your rights as the investor are protected.

Economies of Scale:

The fact that your investment is pooled with others, gives you access to investments that would otherwise be unaffordable or inaccessible to you as an individual investor.

Professional Investment Management:

Your funds are managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals who advise and guide you throughout your investment journey based on your goals, risk profile and your current financial position.

Ease of Access to Funds:

There are no fixed periods per se so you can access your money whenever you need it in part or as a whole, with no penalties. For amounts less than KES 10,000 you can access your money via mobile money under 24 hours, whilst those above KES 10,000 can be sent to your bank account within 3 working days.

Save For Multiple Goals Using One Platform: 

You can save for your different goals using one platform via our DigiTrust portal and track all your progress under one dashboard.

What other important information should i know about ICEA LION Unit Trust?

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